Pathology (word derived from the Ancient Greek roots of pathos meaning suffering" and –logy "study of") is a significant field in modern medical diagnosis and medical research, concerned mainly with the causal study of disease, whether caused by pathogens or non-infectious physiological disorder.  It is a broad and detailed discipline of science that aims to comprehend how tissues and cells are damaged, how the body reacts to the damage, and how it heals itself. Cellular responses to damage, necrosis, inflammation, wound healing, and neoplasia are among the topics of investigation.  

Pathology terminology: A patient is a person who has a sickness. Lesions are the distinctive alterations in tissue and cells brought on by illness in a human or an experimental animal.                                                                           

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    September 11-12, 2023

    21st European Pathology Congress

    Paris, France
    October 16-17, 2023

    21st Annual Pathology Congress

    London, UK

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